Bridging loans.

If you are worried about selling your property and immediately buying a new residence, Mr Loan’s lending team is here to support you. Do you appreciate swift transactions or do you prefer a slower paced schedule? With a little support from our financial advisors, we help you handle all the unknowns in the buying and selling process.

Bridging the gap‎.


How do you afford a new home if your home hasn’t sold yet? A loan that bridges the gap between selling your home and purchasing a new one can give you much-needed peace of mind. Keep settlement dates out of sight and out of mind with a bridging loan that keeps money in hand for every actuality. Do you feel like a bridging loan isn’t right for you? That’s okay! Try asking for a settlement extension that allows you to sell your home and then move to your new property. If you need help deciding what options work best for you, contact us today and Mr Loan will help you decide on what is ideal for your current situation.

We “bridge” the finance gap for you.


What is a bridging loan?

If you are a current homeowner and need quick money to ensure you get the home you want before your home is sold on the market, a bridging loan covers the cost while you wait. A bridging loan doesn’t typically cover the additional home expenses or closing fees. You also will have to make payments on your existing home and the bridging loan. Once the home is sold, transactions proceed as normal and the sell goes towards paying off your previous home loan and any profit will attach to your new mortgage.

Why Go With a Bridging Loan?

You can seek out your ideal home with ease despite having not sold your previous home. You pay either principal, interest-only or a combination of both on a bridging loan. There are no limits to how much you can pay down on a bridge loan as long as the terms of the loan allow it.  A bridging loan helps you find your ideal future home or property quickly without a time lapse.

Choose Our Award-Winning Team

As a recipient of the Australian Broking Award, we understand the pitfalls and benefits of finance. We make it our business to help you acquire the home or property you need to better your circumstance. Every day is another opportunity for us to show you how you can attain your dreams.

No financial complexity is too difficult to find a solution to. Our team of specialists at Mr Loan specialise in providing answers and opportunities to clients who have situations that may cause difficulty in the loan acquiring process. Bank policies are difficult to navigate without a comprehensive guide or advocate. The brokers on our team are well-versed on your situation and strive to find a solution you can literally take to the bank!

Our specialists aren’t just well-trained they are highly-qualified because we ensure they adhere to FBAA and premium customer service standards. No matter what your financial situation, our consultants narrow the finance field by selecting ideal products and plans. Do you want time-efficient money solutions? Call us!

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