Car Loans.

Whether you are buying a car for personal use or business, we help you attain the transportation you need. Our experts will evaluate every part of the package –  income requirements, the structure of the business, and any tax requirements you need to follow.


Car loans for new & used cars.


It’s exciting to purchase your own vehicle but the process can be disheartening without a supportive cast of creative finance experts.

At Mr Loan, we look up the rates that meet your needs and give you the best chances for approval by looking over 40 lenders. We seek out competitive pricing that keeps payments manageable by searching for 1- 7-year terms. You could get the same day approval with our experts on the job for you!

Contact us today, we have a team of experts can help you out with the hassle.

We help you to secure a great low rate car loan.


Secured or unsecured?

If you are looking for a lower interest rate a secured loan may be something you want to look in to. The risks are higher because you have to use your personal property as security to acquire the loan. Unsecured loans don’t require assets to receive approval but the interests rates are typically higher.

Keep up-to-date on your payments. Your credit can receive a debilitating mark by missing just one payment. Once you receive a bad mark on your credit it can be extremely difficult to attain in loans in the future. If you don’t make every payment on a secured loan you could lose your vehicle or asset. Court actions can come from an unsecured loan that is not paid on time every time.

Benefits of a car loan

You have unlimited amounts available once you receive a car loan. Most lenders hold to that same standard. Typically you are allotted a period of 5 to 10 years to pay the loan back. Your debt is fixed so you don’t have to worry about adding extra purchases on top of the loan. A fixed rate loan on a car loan allows you to budget accordingly periodically. If you maintain a healthy payment system you’ll have your loan paid off and can improve your credit while doing so.

Choose Our Award-Winning Team

As a recipient of the Australian Broking Award, we understand the pitfalls and benefits of finance. We make it our business to help you acquire the home or property you need to better your circumstance. Every day is another opportunity for us to show you how you can attain your dreams.

No financial complexity is too difficult to find a solution to. Our team of specialists at Mr Loan specialise in providing answers and opportunities to clients who have situations that may cause difficulty in the loan acquiring process. Bank policies are difficult to navigate without a comprehensive guide or advocate. The brokers on our team are well-versed on your situation and strive to find a solution you can literally take to the bank!

Our specialists aren’t just well-trained they are highly-qualified because we ensure they adhere to FBAA and premium customer service standards. No matter what your financial situation, our consultants narrow the finance field by selecting ideal products and plans. Do you want time-efficient money solutions? Call us!

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Our happy customers.

Great experience with Mr loan

Excellent customer service received from Yoyo. She is very friendly and professional. She is very helpful in providing advice and very easy to talk to. She is patient and helped me get through the whole process. I really appreciate her help and hardworking. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends. Thank you Mr loan and thank you Yoyo! Great experience with you guys!


Very professional and flexible

I used to get the mortgage from the bank than a broker in the Sydney CBD for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd property home loan but following one we get Yo-Yo from Mr. Loan for refinancing and she has been very helpful and flexible for all the tricky cases. My wife and I are very happy with Yo-Yo, I have recommended to some friends who need a home loan. Surely I will give 5 plus from us for their hard work.

Thank Yo-Yo and keep up the good work


Get a car loan in 3 simple steps.

We’ve been helping people just like you to buy a car for over a decade. Real people, real advice, every step of the way.


Comprehensive comparisons

We compare thousands of home loans from over 40+ leading lenders and help you to determine what is affordable and help you decide what loans aren’t worth your devotion.


Experience based advice

We believe in full disclosure, we clearly explain the fees, costs, and conditions associated with home loans, and everything is 100% transparent so that you always in the know. 


You save with us

We save your time & money. 1st we find the best rates available to ensure financial security for your future. 2nd,  no question is unimportant to us, we answer any questions you have at any time.

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