Personal Loans.

Do you need to consolidate debt? Are you wanting to add equity to your home with home improvement projects? At Mr Loan, we help you get the low rate you need to help with the life decisions that shape your future.

Personal loans tailored to your needs.


Household items, surgical procedures, celebratory occasions, and many other life moments are facilitated by the acquisition of a personal loan. You can use a personal loan to consolidate debt, and pay it off in an easy payment process.

Personal loans are quick to be approved. If you are a client of Mr Loan, you may see the approval process take between 1 and 3 banking business days. Numerous lenders actually approve a personal loan immediately.

A standard lender provides loans with good rates and quality features. They are more difficult to attain because of the qualifications that are required to be approved. Our brokers can help you navigate the challenges a standard personal loan may bring to the loan application process.

So it’s a good idea to have a chat with one of our brokers to help you out with the hassle.


You’re unique & so is your rate*.


There are two main types of personal loans:
  • Secured:
    • You use your assets to attain the loan. Your lender can sell your asset if you don’t make payments on the loan according to the agreement.
  • Unsecured:
    • Your chosen lender depends on your income to continue the repayment process. There are no assets involved.
  • Note:
    • Personal loans are not available for funding certain situations such as property payments, business loan payments, stock market investments, unpaid bills/fines or payments ordered by the court.
How much can I borrow with a personal loan?

The amount you receive through a personal loan is reliant on a variety of factors. How much can you afford to pay back? What type of loan are you applying for? Unsecured loans allow access to sums between $1,000 to $50,000. Secured personal loans and car loans offer higher loan opportunities that start at $3,000 and climb towards $80,000.

Choose Our Award-Winning Team

As a recipient of the Australian Broking Award, we understand the pitfalls and benefits of finance. We make it our business to help you acquire the home or property you need to better your circumstance. Every day is another opportunity for us to show you how you can attain your dreams.

No financial complexity is too difficult to find a solution to. Our team of specialists at Mr Loan specialise in providing answers and opportunities to clients who have situations that may cause difficulty in the loan acquiring process. Bank policies are difficult to navigate without a comprehensive guide or advocate. The brokers on our team are well-versed on your situation and strive to find a solution you can literally take to the bank!

Our specialists aren’t just well-trained they are highly-qualified because we ensure they adhere to FBAA and premium customer service standards. No matter what your financial situation, our consultants narrow the finance field by selecting ideal products and plans. Do you want time-efficient money solutions? Call us!

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Yoyo just helped us to get the best deal with her fast response, well communication and professional advice. Fully recommended!


Outstanding service and product

Mr. Loan provided outstanding service for sourcing loan products, and finally selected the best option for me.

The service after loan settlement is excellent too! I always get responses and answers if I have any questions for Mr.Loan.


Get a personal loan in 3 simple steps.

We’ve been helping people just like you to get a personal loan for over a decade. Real people, real advice, every step of the way.


Comprehensive comparisons

We compare thousands of home loans from over 40+ leading lenders and help you to determine what is affordable and help you decide what loans aren’t worth your devotion.


Experience based advice

We believe in full disclosure, we clearly explain the fees, costs, and conditions associated with home loans, and everything is 100% transparent so that you always in the know. 


You save with us

We save your time & money. 1st we find the best rates available to ensure financial security for your future. 2nd,  no question is unimportant to us, we answer any questions you have at any time.

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