We offer finance solutions for every scenario.

As an experienced Sydney mortgage broker, we remove the pain points for home and business owners sourcing mortgages and finance.

Why choose Mr. Loan?

Mr loan is a multi-award winning mortgage broker in Sydney. We understand the Sydney property market, competition, lender restrictions, and hot spots means we’re able to provide our clients an insight into how best to position their mortgage application for the greatest chance of approval.

Low interest rate

We can negotiate lower than advertised interest rates because we have been made preferred Brokers by several of the Lenders

No cost to you

Our services are free of charge as we are remunerated by the lender you choose once the loan reaches the settlement.

Award Winning

We are one of Australia’s most awarded mortgage broker, helping more than thousands of Aussie get their dream home

1 on 1 help

You deal directly with leading specialists, who will look at your individual circumstances.

We negotiate better rates for you.

Home Loans local home loan specialists can provide you with choice and options from an extensive range of lenders. Call us to discuss your options.


Owner Occupied P&I 4 year fix


Comparison rate


Owner Occuied P&I 4 year fix


Comparison rate


Owner Occupied P&I 4 year fix


Comparison rate

More than 40+ lenders to choose.

We compare pricing options from each lender (including four major banks), run the numbers and guide you towards the ideal loan fit for your financial situation. There is an endless supply of loan options to choose from. With our expertise, you’ll be a happy homeowner in no time!

We’ll get the right loan for you.

Mr. Loan assists clients with residential, commercial, business, refinance, low doc loan, bridging loan, car loan, personal loan, investment loan, and SMSF lending, we are your one-stop finance solution.

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We are your one-stop finance solution

Our staff of financial experts attends to your individualised needs. Want financial advice, credit guidance or mortgage help? Over the past ten years, we’ve continued to provide valuable guidance for home buyers. Are you a property investor, someone looking for a first home, or an expat wanting a place to call your own? We help you ease through the financing process so you can have a worry-free experience!

Are you suffering from financial anxiety? Finally, you have a permanent champion in your corner. At Mr. Loan, our trained professionals fight for you. Our connections with scores of financial providers can help you attain your dreams. Mortgage packages/options are often overwhelming and complex. Our team pounds the pavement for you. We sort and compare your choices to find the ideal fit for your financial situation. Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you discover the options available to you in the shortlist we compile for your specific needs.

Are you searching for an accountant or budget planner?  We connect you to services and service people who understand the world of mortgages and credit checks. Once your loan is dispersed we don’t abandon you. We are ready to answer any questions or concerns you have before and after a loan is settled. Mr. Loan is your perpetual advocate for your goals.

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