Mr Loan Finance Group

Our company was established with the mission to provide the best in mortgage solutions for our unique clientele and their individual financial situations. We are 100 percent operated and owned by Australians.  Our custom residential and commercial mortgage loan specialists strive to provide the best services while adhering to FBAA standards. In 2014, St. Leonards became home to Mr. Loan Mortgage Solutions.

Our commitment


“Our company was started to help you find the best home loans available. We want you to attain the home of your dreams”


Our Mr Loan mortgage brokers focus on getting your approval efficiently and in a stress-free manner. We analyse your finance options and seek out Australia’s leading lenders for the ideal loan fit for you.

We give full-disclosure reports on the loans that fit your specific needs. Our experts explain the process and details. You decide what lender you want. We compile the loan application documents and act as a liaison between you and the lender you choose. If you need approval quickly, we can help you overcome any obstacles in the process.

Our specialists take the time to talk with you about your options on the phone. If you are interested in applying, we go to you. You pay no cost for our services and we will meet with you on your schedule. After we give you financial advice, you are not pressured to accept our advice or guidance. The lenders pay for our services and you reap the benefits!


We take pride in the legacy of excellence we facilitate.

In 2017, when we received the coveted Australian Broking Awards, we gained further evidence that highlights our commitment to our clients and the financial industry. We strive to attain the ideal loans for our Australian clientele.

Our experience is what sets us apart.

Our financial expertise at Mr Loan allows us to stand the test of time in the world of finance.  Our internal customer service standards are placed at a high level to ensure that you the customer get the best we have to offer. We make sure our experts follow the FBAA educational expectations that are in place for quality assurance.  The skilled expert consultants on our staff select the best options and products for our uniquely diverse customer base. We focus on your financial needs and abilities to produce efficient, cost-effective results every time.

You are in a good company.




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