Refinance your home loan.

Are you considering the perks of refinancing your home loan? If you are unclear as to what you should do to make your mortgage payments more affordable for you, the mortgage brokers on our team of finance can bring some financial clarity. See your long-term aspirations come to fruition when you get expert advice from our financial team.

Is it time to refinance?


How long have you been making payments on your mortgage? Are there other lenders out there who can get you lower rates? Do you want to start putting aside money for future plans but need a smaller loan payment to do so? Circumstances change. What mortgage options worked for you in the past may not work well with your current financial plans. The many products that span across 40 different lender options are well-known to our professional brokers. If you are interested in refinancing, we help you hit the refresh button on your loan.

Call us today to discover what amazing home loan packages may be available to you.

We help you to get a better interest rate.


Reasons to refinance

In finance, it’s all about competitive pricing. Now with so many lending options in the open market, loan companies are literally competing for your business.

Promotional deals are offered year-round and you can be the first to take advantage of discounted prices and lower interest rates. Our mortgage brokers have first-hand knowledge about the latest trends in the refinance sector. We stay current so you don’t have to seek out the best deals, we find them for you! What’s the best promotion in the loan world right now?

The mortgage brokers at Mr Loan know and are ready to get you started on a path to better interest rates and lower payment options today!

Benefits of refinancing

If you love efficiency, you’ll truly appreciate our mortgage specialists. They go over your financial options and pertinent needs to bring your goals in reach. Refinancing can help you get the best rates on the market, consolidate debt, help you utilize equity in your current property to improve your home or allow you to put money aside for an investment property. Do you want to reduce your mortgage or fix your credit so you can receive a better interest rate? If you want to save for the vacation of your dreams or want extra cash in hand, the refinancing option could work for you.

Choose Our Award-Winning Team

As a recipient of the Australian Broking Award, we understand the pitfalls and benefits of finance. We make it our business to help you acquire the home or property you need to better your circumstance. Every day is another opportunity for us to show you how you can attain your dreams.

No financial complexity is too difficult to find a solution to. Our team of specialists at Mr Loan specialise in providing answers and opportunities to clients who have situations that may cause difficulty in the loan acquiring process. Bank policies are difficult to navigate without a comprehensive guide or advocate. The brokers on our team are well-versed on your situation and strive to find a solution you can literally take to the bank!

Our specialists aren’t just well-trained they are highly-qualified because we ensure they adhere to FBAA and premium customer service standards. No matter what your financial situation, our consultants narrow the finance field by selecting ideal products and plans. Do you want time-efficient money solutions? Call us!

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Our happy customers.


Very professional home loan broker, and enthusiastic. Very satisfied with the service 🙂
Also is very friendly, excellent.
Amazing. Greatly appreciated

Linyu Zhao

Detailed orientated and Very professional

This is my 2nd time serviced from Mr Loan, previous I got great service from Bruce years ago. Dorothy from Mr Loan is very detailed orientated and very professional for my loan application which is success settled weeks ago. She will work with you the details and try to get everything ready before submitting the application and will keep me updated the progress of the application. Very nice person to work with. Strong recommended.


Refinance in 3 simple steps.

We’ve been helping people just like you to get refinance for over a decade. Real people, real advice, every step of the way.


Comprehensive comparisons

We compare thousands of home loans from over 40+ leading lenders and help you to determine what is affordable and help you decide what loans aren’t worth your devotion.


Experience based advice

We believe in full disclosure, we clearly explain the fees, costs, and conditions associated with home loans, and everything is 100% transparent so that you always in the know. 


You save with us

We save your time & money. 1st we find the best rates available to ensure financial security for your future. 2nd,  no question is unimportant to us, we answer any questions you have at any time.

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